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*~Sonic's Maui Brewing Company Adventure~*

“I’m so excited to be here at Maui Brewing Company on our Maui vacation!” said Tails the Fox happily. Sonic, Tales, and Knuckles were taking a well-earned vacation on the Hawaiian island of Maui after a particularly exhausting escapade of kicking Eggman’s butt.

“You said it Tails! After a long day of beachgoing, nothing hits the spot like a cold hard one!” said Sonic, taking in the sight of the big beautiful brewery. It was a warm day today and the sky was clear and blue. The air smelled really good from the fish taco truck parked outside in the front lawn.

“You guys go ahead inside,” said Knuckles the Echidna, “I’m going to order fish tacos for everyone and a big plate of nachos to share.”

“Thanks Knuckles! I can always count on you” said Sonic with a big grin. Sonic and Tails went ahead up the path to the entrance to the brewery. Meanwhile Knuckles ordered the nachos.

“Aloha! Welcome to Maui Brewing Company!” said the waitress. “I’ll need to see IDs please.”
“Oh sure no problem” said Sonic. He and and Tails pulled out their wallets and showed the nice waitress their IDs. (Author’s note: they were both like 25+ years old cause their games came out in 1991 and 1992 respectively and I am writing this story in 2017 so it was no problem for them to go inside Maui Brewing Company.)
After inspecting their IDs the waitress let them inside.

There were tons of different beers on tap and they also had games like Connect Four and chinese checkers you could play at your table.
“Hmm, I will try the Big Swell IPA” said Sonic to the bartender.
“And I will have the Bikini Blonde Lager please” said Tails.
“Coming right up!” said the bartender. He poured their beverages into 16 oz glasses. The Big Swell IPA was a golden amber color with a frothy off-white head and the Bikini Blonde Lager was a bright and clear pale yellow, also with a fluffy off-white head.
“Thanks man” said Sonic to the bartender.

Sonic and Tails took their beers to the outside seating area. It was nice and shaded so they could enjoy the warm, perfect Hawaii weather out of the direct heat of the sun.
“Hey guys! Here are the nachos!” said Knuckles, sitting down at the table with Sonic and Tails with fish nachos in one hand and a hazy amber beverage in the other.
“That looks good, what did you order?” said Tails.
“It’s the Pineapple Mana Wheat.” said Knuckles. “I can’t wait to down this puppy.”
“Cheers, everyone!” said Sonic extending his glass. “To Eggman’s defeat!”
“And to our Maui vacation!” added Tails
“And to good beer, with good friends!” added Knuckles.
“Cheers!!” they said in unison, clinking their beverages.

Tails closed his eyes and took a sip of his Bikini Blonde Lager. It had a faint smell of spicy hops and a lightly floral aroma. The smell transported him in his memories to Kaanapali beach at sunset. The lager tasted like a bready malt with hints of citrus. He swished it around in his mouth a bit before swallowing to contemplate its mouthfeel. It had a medium-light body and creamy carbonation. He swallowed and found that it had a delightful lightly floral aftertaste. “Now this is a beer to sip on the beach!” said Tails.

Sonic took a big swig of his Big Swell IPA. It had a zesty citrus smell, with a touch of honey and tropical fruit sweetness, biscuity malt, and hints of pine. The malt was lemony and grapefruity, with a bit of pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and faint peach notes. It had moderate carbonation and a smooth crisp finish. It. The taste had him instantly imagining the rush of catching a big swell at the beach. “Very nice!” said Sonic. “Juicy on the hops, with a nice malt backbone and no residual sweetness. Solid IPA right here.”

Knuckles downed like half his beer in one huge gulp. His ale the had nice and pleasant aromas of pineapple, peach, pear, red apple, and banana, with some complexity in the wheat and yeasty earthiness with hop notes. The smell was a solid strength just enough to entice you but not enough to overpower you. It had the lightly sweet and tart flavor of cooked pinapple and baked wheat bread. The body was medium-strong, with a bit of carbonation and a surprisingly strong and dry finish. The taste whisked him away in his mind to driving down the highway by the beach listening to anime vaporwave with the roof of his rented convertible down and the wind in his fur. “That’s a dang good beer!” said Knuckles.

“Mine is pretty good too!” said Eggman with a chuckle.

“EGGMAN!!!” said the Sonic gang in unison. “What are YOU doing here?”

“Just enjoying Maui Brewing Company with my good friends Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles!” said Eggman. “I’ve decided to put evil behind me and take up organic farming in my off the grid homestead I just purchased here. I have goats now! Hahaha!!”

Sonic and gang were speechless.

“…What the hey, I’ll drink to that! Cheers for organic goat farming!” said Knuckles with a smile, breaking the silence and downing the other half of his Pineapple Mana Wheat.
“...Well, cheers, I guess!” said Tails with a sheepish smile, taking another sip of his Bikini Blonde Lager.
“This isn’t over yet Eggman” said Sonic. “But for now, on our Maui vacation, we can have a truce. Three cheers for Maui Brewing Company! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip Hooray!”

~The End~

*~Tail's In-N-Out Burger Adventure~*

“Wow! So this is In-N-Out Burger!” said Tails the Fox, taking in the sight of the beautiful Californian fast food restaurant. “We don’t have one of these in the Mystic Ruins.,” he continued. “I’m so glad we all rode the Tornado 2 here to California so I could experience this.”

“Trust me, your life will totally change after you try this place!” said Sonic the Hedgehog with a smile. “Come on, let’s go inside!”

Sonic and Tails entered the classic looking white and red concrete building together. Knuckles was also there. The roof of the In-N-Out Burger had red shingles and there were benches outside with bright plastic umbrellas, so you could eat outside and enjoy the perfect California weather out of the heat of the hot summer sun.

As soon as Tails and friends got inside, they got in the line to order their food which went all the way to the door.

“Wow, big line today!” said Tails.
“Yeah, this place is pretty popular,” said Sonic, “it’s like the only In-N-Out in the area so it’s always packed. The line goes fast though.”

Tails looked all around him with wide eyes, taking in and contemplating the décor. He had to wait in line anyway, so he wanted to make the most of this time to slow down and enjoy the scenery. The walls were covered in a palmtree print wallpaper and there were decorative potted plants sitting on a shelf near the ceiling.

Tails looked up at the menu above the counter for the first time and noticed the amazing prices.

“WOW!! A hamburger for $2.10? And fries for $1.60? These deals are UNREAL!!” said Tails in amazement and wonder.

“Oh you better believe it!” said Sonic. “And the burgers here are so good too. Definitely a better burger than what you’d get for a comprable price at any other fast food joint around here. Why, a burger like this? Might cost you like $8 or something at another sit-down restaurant. You know, like how if you just order the sandwich at a fast food place of something not off the dollar menu. But at In-N-Out Burger, they don’t sacrifice quality, and you don’t sacrifice your wallet.”

“yeah.” added Knuckles.

During this conversation, Tails and the gang moved up to the font of front of the line. Knuckles ordered a hamburger.

“Yeah I’ll have an uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cheeseburger and an uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh chocolate shake and an, uh, can I get chilli cheese fries?” Said Sonic.

“Coming right up sir, your order number is 92.” said the nice young gentleman at the counter taking Sonic’s order

“Whoa,” said Tails, “I don’t see Chilli Cheese Fries on the menu.”

“Yeah it’s like a secret menu item.” Said Sonic. “Or something like that, they always make it for me when I ask, since one time I asked like four times and they said no three times but then on the fourth time, they said okay. I thought it was a secret password I discovered to get the secret chilli cheese fries but maybe I am just being difficult. But that’s what you have to do sometimes if you want to get anywhere in this cruel world.”

“Hi sir, can I take your oder?” asked the In-N-Out employee at the counter to Tails.
“Oh! So sorry,” said Tails, “I will have an uh, cheeseburger?”
“And he wants that animal style” said Sonic to the employee with a wink.
“Coming right up sir, your order number is number 93.” said the employee to Tails with a smile.

“Animal style?” Tails asked Sonic inquisitively.

“Yeah” said Sonic, “This one is an actual secret menu item. It’s a really good special sauce. It’s like, melted grilled onions. Really greasy, and also sweet. Probably adds like 500 extra calories, but who’s counting? Trust me, you’ll love it, this is a crucial part of getting the full In-N-Out experience.”

“Wow!” said Tails, “This world is full of so many exciting and new things.”

Tails and gang picked an indoor table to sit at to enjoy the comfortable air conditioning in the In-N-Out. They sat together and talked about their many adventures while their burgers were prepared. Knuckle’s number was called first so he got his burger and ate it. Sonic’s number was the next to be called. When he came back to the table with his chilli cheese fries and cheeseburger, Tails was super excited to see his secret fries.

“Wow!” said Tails, “those look delicious!”
“They sure are,” said Sonic, “Do you want one?”
“You bet I do!” said Tails, digging in.
The chilli cheese fries were just as delicious as Tails was expecting. They metaphorically exploded into a flavor sensation in his mouth of salty, beefy, beany, greasy, cheesy goodness. It was everything he ever dreamed of and more.
“That’s sooooo gooood!!!!” said Tails happily. “These fries are the bomb-diggity BEST!”
“See?” said Sonic, “What did I tell you?”

Just then, Tail’s order number was called. With a hop, skip, and a jump, he proceeded to the counter. In the middle of the little bright red bucket-tray they put everyone’s dine-in orders in, wrapped to provide better handling for consumption, was his cheeseburger. He eyed the sunset orange cheese decorated with chopped up grilled onions oozing out of it scrumptiously with delight as he carried his tray to his table.

“Welp,” said Tails, sitting down. “Time to dig in!”
Tail’s first bite of his In-N-Out cheeseburger was like a little personal piece of heaven just for his mouth. The bread was so soft and crisply textured, a cooked golden brown on top and a soft white underneath. The 100% USDA approved beef patty — free of additives, fillers and preservatives — was oozing with the greasy animal style sauce, and sandwiched between a fresh, juicy slice of a ripe tomato and hand-leafed iceberg lettuce.

Tears began to well up in Tail’s eyes. “This is …. This is the best cheeseburger I’ve ever eaten for $2.40.” he managed to mumble between bites.

“See, what’d I tell you!” said Sonic with a grin. “Here, and try my chocolate shake!” he passed the beverage across the table to Tails.
Tails took a sip and was surprised to find that they use real icecream! It was really good.

Tails sighed. “Thank you so much for taking me to this wonderful place, Sonic. This might just be the greatest day of my life.”

And it was.

~The End~