Have you ever wanted to marry an anime character?
Well, now you can!

Just fill out the form below,
and I will email you your marriage certificate!
You can put this certificate on your website
to show your love to the whole world.

It will look something like this:

I am actually an ordained minister,
so your marriage will be legally
and spiritually binding
on heaven and on earth!

My Universal Life Church Ordination
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  1. Only one character can be married per person. (Save some bishies for the rest of us!)
  2. Please link back to me if you want. I can also link your marriage certificate to your own website if you would like! Just put a link to your website in the form below.
  3. Please allow a few days for me to complete the marriage process in case I don't check my email for a while.
  4. Love the character you are married to until death do you part!

Ready to get married? :3



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*~Hall of Happy Couples~*